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   Shanghai ShaoPing Law Firm

Shanghai ShaoPing Law Firm was established by lawyer partners of good fame in 1999 and since that time has grown steadily and firmly with a specialized service in all areas of the law. For the past years, Shaoping law firm has always been awarded for its good performance by the local judicial administration apartment, Municipal legal aid apartment and the local government.

There are 15 practicing lawyers in the Shaoping law firm. They are averagely 40years old with excellent professional performance and rich experience in practicing, bearing the creative consciousness and ability.

he partners of Shaopng law firm is Zheng shaoping, Wang wenying, Wu fengfeng, Zhou xinhua, Zhou gongxi, and Zhu zhengyu, and the practicing lawyers are Zeng jianping, Rong ruofeng, Qu lixin, Zhang qi, Hou weizhong, Wu jianyong, andZhou jian.

Shaoping Law firm has a good combination of Talents who are specialized in all kinds of legal area with excellent expression in foreign language. There is a law professor, three LLM and a lawyer who ever studied and worked in Japan for years. Those lawyers are always in good team work and devoting themselves to the whole group in passion.In order to make it more convenient for the lawyers to provide their service, the law firm has installed its local area network.

Since it established in 1999, the lawyers’ service in Shaoping law firm has been well acknowledged. The clients include Orient Securities, Debon Securities, Construction Bank, Shanghai Bank, Baisheng Group, Nippon Paint, Chamber of Commerce of Longwan district I in Wenzhou–Shanghai Branch and Real Estate developing company, etc. At the same time, the lawyers are also active in providing service for medium or small enterprises and attending the social service in the association of the consumer, etc. There is one lawyer who also serves as arbitrator in Municipal Arbitration Council, two lawyers who are the representative of Shanghai Lawyers , one lawyer who works as the member of discipline committee in Shanghai Lawyer Association and several lawyers who are the members of professional seminar in Shanghai Lawyer Association. Many lawyers in Shaoping law firm has been awarded with good title. The Shaoping law firm is always good at establishing good relationship with the people who work in judicial department, news media, and entrepreneurs at home or abroad. The law firm’s news can be often found on the new paper or other media.

Shaoping law firm has rich experience in conducting the legal issues in the area of finance and securities, real-estate, and capital recombine. We are also following the trend of the social requirements and developing new knowledge and new problem to study and work it out.

The conviction has never been shaken that where there is a will, there is a way. To have more great achievements in career, we should be surefooted and devote much more efforts, that it is the way to success.

Our law firm welcomes lawyers or ambitious young men to join in and develop business together. We will be sure to be developing into a distinguished law firm with certain influence and good appraisement, serving all the walks of life.